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You have questions, want to tell me something or you’ve another concern? Perhaps you have some suggestions and ideas or tips for Polyglot Traveller? You’d like to compliment me or criticize some of my blog’s content? Or you are too shy and you are afraid of commenting which is open to the public? Whatever it is, what’s driving you to contact me: Send me a message. I’m looking forward to it!

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I am even more delighted if you dare to get in touch with me by leaving a comment on one of my pages. Finally, a blog does not live on the contents of the author – that’s on me – but also on the feedback of its readers – that’s on you! Only then I can dwell on your needs and on topics that interests you more than others. So, tell me what you like or if I have made a mistake. I even encourage you to criticize (of course, in a constructive way) and to praise me (because who doesn’t like to get good feedback?!).

If you are more of a social media geek, you may get connected on various platforms with me, where you can follow all my activities. In this way you get always brand new updates, as soon as I’ve published a new blog post or other content changes. Of course, in those different networks it’s always nice to see new comments, likes, shares, hearts, retweets, pins and whatnot. So you can actively help to publicize this blog and its content. Spread the word!