50+ Language resources

The ultimate collection of useful language resources for every wannabe polyglot

I’ve collected these language resources for everyone who wants to learn new languages. The following collection contains a lot of high quality tools, which will help you to improve your language skills. The collection of language resources also works from a vast number of different starting points in order to improve your skills as much and easy as possible.

Bookmark this site in your browser under the name Language Resources. Thereby you can find back very quickly and look for other learning tools, when you need them. Most of the sources are in English, but some may be in other languages. If you can’t use them, just skip them.

Language resources highlighted in yellow are recommended in particular and I use them myself frequently.

Free language resources

First words and phrases

BBC – An introduction in about 40 different languages.


WordReference – [e] – A comprehensive dictionary with an affiliated forum for 18 different languages.

bab.la – [e] – With 24 supported languages bab.la excels even WordReference.

dict.com – [e] – Lingea dictionaries contains 32 different languages.

eTranslator – [e] – A whole bunch of languages (51 in total) is supported by this comprehensive work.

Glosbe – [e] – With far more than 100 different languages probably one of the most comprehensive dictionaries.

ImTranslator – [e] – A true allrounder. Translator, dictionary, text-to-speech. Everything included.

Google Translate – [e] – Well known and likewise scorned, in some points it still gets the job done. The in-line-translator displays the corresponding translation on the screen while typing, even though the tool doesn’t always deliver top-quality translations of longer texts. It’s still useful to get a glimpse about the content of a text.

ProZInteractive Terminology for EuropeMyMemory – Three very powerful tools, which score in the range of special technical terminology.

Online courses

MyLanguages – A resourceful site for 95 different languages, specializing on grammar and vocabulary.

duolingo – Learn languages playfully. This platform internalized this concept. Depending on the starting language you can choose between 17 different languages.

Foreign Service Institute – This is a US-governmental institute which provides language courses for almost 50 different languages.

Internet Polyglot – Great courses for a lot of different languages.

Language exchange platforms

Language exchange partners

Language Exchange Community – The name says it all. It’s a platform for people looking vor language exchange partners.


Polyglot Club – Meetings for polyglots in various cities.

Couchsurfing – In a lot of cities there are weekly meetings, where people from all over the world get together. A good opportunity to improve your language skills.

Meetup – You can organize and find meetings for international contacts.

InterNations – Get in touch with people form all over the world.

Optimizing your pronunciation

Forvo – This is one of the most ultimate tools par excellence to improve your language skills. The free website helps you to search for words in different languages. You can listen to them, but also often choose between different regional dialects. If you haven’t bookmarked this site yet, you should do it now.

RhinoSpike – Using RhinoSpike you can listen to your texts, read by native speakers from all over the world. The community works as an exchange platform. So you have to read texts from other people in your mother tongue in exchange.

Optimizing your listening comprehension

RadioGuide – Using RadioGuide you can listen to radio stations from all over the world. Search for your favorite station in your favorite language and learn the desired language with the joy of music.

TuneIn – You can search for radio stations of specific regions using TuneIn. Try some stations out and listen to the one you like the most. In this way you can train your listening comprehension.

Text to Speech – This text-to-speech tool helps you to improve your listening comprehension and your pronunciation in 30 different languages.

Optimizing your reading skills

Wikipedia – Non-English wikipedias are a rich source of native texts. The next time your seeking something in a wiki, try to find an article in the language you want to learn. There are already countless articles in various languages. If you’ve problems to understand switch back to the English article or another language you understand better.

Alexa Ranking – This ranking list contains the 500 top websites of every country. It’s worth to spend some time there, if you like to read native texts of the language you’re learning.

StumbleUpon – ‘Stumble upon’ interesting websites on this web presence. Go to the settings in ‘stumbles’ and use language filters for your desired languages in order to find some websites related to topics you’re interested in in a language you want to learn.

Optimizing your writing skills

Lang-8 – The community on this platform helps you with corrections of your texts to improve your writing skills.


TED – TED Talks with subtitles and a complete transcript of the text are available in many languages. Watching these videos you both train your language comprehension and learn for life.

Use the option:


Instead of [language] you put the 2-digits country code there(z. B.: en; also: www.ted.com/talks?language=en). Or you can use the language filter function on the website.

YouTube – Search for videos of your choice in the desired language. Learn languages using videos related to topics you’re interested in.

Language resources: Apps for smartphone, tablet and PC

Smartphone and tablet

Anki (iOS/Android/Win) – Anki is one of the best tools to memorize new words and to expand your vocabulary. It’s an app using the Spaced Repetition Flashcards system. There are already a lot of pre-built decks in different languages. Using the PC version of the app you can even build your own deck.

HelloTalk (iOS/Android/Win) – It’s a smartphone app, which connects you to native speakers from all over the world. You can submit text messages and audio files.

PC applications

Skype – An essential tool if you want to get in touch with your loved ones at home or if you want to meet up with language exchange partners and teachers from far away.

Anki – The PC version of the Spaced Repetition Flashcards system is perfect to build your own vocabulary decks and to synchronize your other devices.

Blogs, forums and other websites dealing with language learning for motivation support

Ethnologue – A lot of useful background information about languages of the world for everyone who is interested in more than just learning pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and characters.

SEAsite – The Centre for South East Asian Studies of the Northern Illinois University offers a lot of useful language resources and informations about literature and culture of South East Asian countries. Besides general explanations about the language, there are introductive lessons and continuative links to resources for advanced learners.

Reddit – Language Learning – Linguistics – It’s worth to spend some time reading!

Language Learning Forum – The name says it all. The forum is not state-of-the-art, but the community is big and it has some good supporting use concerning many language learning problems.

fluentin3months.com – A comprehensive platform for polyglots from all over the world to exchange experiences.

omniglot – A great encyclopedia related to topics like languages and language learning. You can find a lot of input on many aspects of a language.

linguanaut – Another great source to receive informations about many different languages.

Blog posts from Polyglot Traveller for inspiration

Coming soon…

Free language resources with paid premium subscriptions

Learn vocabulary

Memrise – Memrise has a lot of possibilities to expand your vocabulary. The website is extended continuously and offers a lot of pre-built vocabulary sets for learning. The premium upgrade unlocks additional functions to improve a more efficient way of learning.

If you’re looking for a completely free-to-use version for various languages with more limited, but still powerful functionality you should try the vocabulary trainer on LanguageCourse.net. They have also pretty good deals for language schools all over the world and guarantee lowest prices. By the way, you can also use the trainer as a free app, if you’re are using Android phones. Because I’m not, I can’t tell you anything about the quality of the app yet.

Language exchange with other learners and native speakers

ItalkiItalki is one of the top language resources and best platforms overall, irrespective of the language you want to learn!

Using Italki you have access to countless exchange partners in every language you’re learning. You can also choose between different ways of exchange.

  • Italki – Free language exchange. In the free language exchange you search for a partner with whom you can talk to alternately in your mother tongue and your desired language (generally your exchange partners’ native language). How you do the exchange depends on you.
  • Italki – Tutors and professional teachers. There are also tutors and professional teachers on Italki. Tutoring lessons are booked for 1-on-1 Skype-sessions. Tutors usually are a little cheaper, because they are not officially certified as a teacher, but have a good value for money. You should have a try on the tutoring program as a beginner, because in the beginning a patient native speaker may be all what you need. Compared to tutors professional teachers often charge a little more, but are certified as professional teachers. In spite of the higher fee you can be sure, that the courses are still cheaper than regional language courses around you. References and ratings show you immediately the quality of every single teacher. This system is great, because some professional teachers offer a trial lesson (30 minutes) for less than 1 Euro. Have a try. Even the first 10 Euros are invested well and no wastage.

Verbling – Another learning community.

Online courses

Innovative Languages [e] offers tailor-made online courses for over 30 different languages as an efficient language resource. Using this language resource everyone succeeds in entering the world of languages.

In professionally prepared but easy to understand podcasts everyday situations are picked and presented use-oriented. You can choose between 4 different language levels on your own. From absolute beginner to advanced, which are partially divided into sub-levels, you can pick topics you like and learn lessons according to your learning speed. Additionally available online tools help you to master the lessons (possibly studied offline). The collection contains also a general introduction into the language and continuative supplement courses. If this isn’t enough for you, you can book tutoring lessons with qualified native speakers.

The 7-days-trial-account offers access to every content. A selection of lessons is available under limitation of the available materials even after the trial version has expired. You get full access and professional tutoring through various graded paid subscriptions. As a premium user you cover every important element: you train listening, speaking, reading, get new vocabulary, challenging contents and it’s fun! Visit the free-to-use YouTube channel as an additional language resource.

My advice for you

Give the free 7-days-trial-account a try and form your own opinion. If the offer is convincing enough, come back on this site and get the current discount code, which changes monthly. Using the following links you are directed back to your language course straightforwardly and can redeem your discount code.

The code to receive the June bonus: 6MONTH2016

If you are interested in a premium or basic subscription, using that code you get up to 45 % discount on every subscription! (Note: The bonus is only valid for the specified month.)

Flag of South Africa
Learn Afrikaans

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of ChinaFlag of Hong Kong
Learn Cantonese

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Denmark
Learn Danish

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of the Philippines
Learn Filipino

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Germany
Learn German

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of India
Learn Hindi

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Italy
Learn Italian

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Norway
Learn Norwegian

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of PortugalFlag of Brazil
Learn Portuguese

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of SpainFlag of Mexico
Learn Spanish

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Thailand
Learn Thai

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Egypt
Learn Arabic

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of China
Learn Chinese

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of the Netherlands
Learn Dutch

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Finland
Learn Finnisch

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Greece
Learn Greek

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Hungary
Learn Hungarian

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Japan
Learn Japanese

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Iran
Learn Persian

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Romania
Learn Romanian

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Kenya
Learn Swahili

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Turkey
Learn Turkish

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Vietnam
Learn Vietnamese

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Bulgaria
Learn Bulgarian

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Czech Republic
Learn Czech

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of the United States of America
Learn English

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of France
Learn French

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Israel
Learn Hebrew

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Indonesia
Learn Indonesian

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of South Korea
Learn Korean

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Poland
Learn Polish

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Russian Federation
Learn Russian

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Sweden
Learn Swedish

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

Flag of Pakistan
Learn Urdu

YouTube channel: here
paid subscription

busuu – Busuu puts forth an early contact to other learners and native speakers in video chats. The lessons are well-thought-out and convince through their interactive processing, but lack on additional learning videos. The basic membership is free.

Paid language resources

Online courses

Babbel – Babbel offers great possibilities to improve your language skills. The system convinces through good performance, which is proven by its top 3 position in online language course rankings. But considering that it’s available in 14 different languages, it’s no wonder. For every language there is a trial lesson. Additional content is only commercially available. Personally I prefer other methods which are more practical and use everyday situations in podcasts and videos. But depending what kind of learning type you are, it might be the right method for you to simply learn vocabulary and phrases. At least it can be a good supplement to other learning methods!

Lingorilla – Lingorilla is a mainly video-based online course. One big advantage, you don’t have to commit yourself to one single language, but instead can learn content from every language supported (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German) dependent on your mood. The first 7 days are for free! The disadvantage, there is no voice recognition and no available app.

RosettaStone – RosettaStone works with the so-called Dynamic Immersion®, which is basically passing on the procedure to learn grammar in theory. In the beginning this method is possibly very comfortable, but progressing on higher levels can be boring due to repeating exercises. Furthermore the pricing is comparatively expensive.

YablaPapagei.comEF English Live – Other big online language learning courses.

Which language do you like to learn?

Depending on the language I learn, I use different tools to improve my skills. On the country-specific pages I show you, which language resources and learning methods I use. Following the links below, you’ll find my pages with language resources related to the specific language you want to learn:

Flag of China
Learn Chinese – Coming soon…

Flag of Vietnam
Learn Vietnamese – Coming soon…

Flag of Indonesia
Learn Indonesian – Coming soon…


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